Our Philosophy

Learning through Play, Inspired by Reggio Emilia

At Gonzales Co-op Preschool, our aim is to keep alive the wonderment and awe that are natural in children.

large-5Our Reggio Emilia inspired Learning-Through-Play philosophy is a child-led learning process that is creative, engaging and enjoyable.  There is no prescriptive play or predicted outcome. Instead, we empower children to use their innate curiosity to discover and make sense of the world around them, on their own terms.

The Reggio Emilia approach to teaching young children puts the natural development of children and their environment at the center of its philosophy. Children are viewed as competent and curious learners that are able to successfully lead their own learning outcomes through play.  Children are seen as researchers and they are given endless opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesize, question and discuss. It’s a world of fun.

Our program provides experiences that promote the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic  and artistic development of the child. Our objectives are to:

  • large-40Expand the children’s range of experience, through exploration of a wide variety of materials, equipment, and situations.
  • Encourage the child’s sense of self-worth, providing situations where he/she can be successful.
  • Develop the child’s sense of responsibility through tasks and routines appropriate to his/her level.
  • Cultivate developmentally appropriate physical skills.
  • Foster the child’s awareness of, and sensitivity to, the environment.
  • Encourage imagination, creativity, curiosity, and initiative.
  • Increase the child’s ability to communicate through language development, listening skills, and social interaction.
  • Encourage the development of social skills: consideration for the rights and feelings of others, sharing, taking turns, and cooperation.
  • Help the child to handle emotions in positive and constructive ways, encouraging the development of self-discipline.