“The actions of our son is a testimonial in itself…he is eager to attend, he chats regularly about the daily fun and imagination, he adores Angela and Julie and it is difficult to convince him to leave. It has been an added bonus to be part of such a fabulous community of educators, parents and kids.We have found many new friends just as our son has. The cooperative experience was the right choice for our family.”  ~Kim R.

“I love seeing my daughter blossom socially. She has become much more outgoing and loves coming to preschool. I know she is safe and happy here.”  ~Sarah L.

“We absolutely love that our child comes home from preschool beaming. Angela and Julie are experts in the way they care for the children with compassion, creativity and fun. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to have our child attend Gonzales Preschool.”  ~Kate M.

“The natural playground is one of my son’s favorite places to be! Endless moments of fun and using his imagination.”  ~Donna W.

“My daughter is very shy, but she feels very safe and comfortable in the preschool. Our teachers Angela and Julie are so patient and always encourage the children to have fun. My daughter and I really enjoy our time at Gonzales Preschool.” ~Shoko K.

“My daughter was taught the true meaning of PLAY!” ~Santana W.

“Angela and Julie are such incredible teachers. The feeling you get at Gonzales Preschool is so warm, caring and thoughtful. A gentle introduction to school. We are so grateful for this experience for our son and our family.” ~Isadora L.

“…It’s MAGIC! Gonzales provides us with an absolutely amazing place for our son to learn, grow, play and experience magic!”  ~Jay M.

“We’ve spent four years at Gonzales and in that time we’ve seen both of our children grow and thrive under Angela and Julie’s gentle leadership.” ~Krista H.

“The three years we spent as part of Gonzales Coop were wonderful. I particularly loved interacting with the children and their families as a duty parent and spending time getting to know Angela and the ECE assistant. During a busy and stressful week, I was so happy to arrive at the school and calm would prevail as we wandered down the curving path, or through the beautiful outdoor space, toward the classroom. The indoor space was just as lovely – each table and area carefully prepared for the day’s play. Also, Kathryn’s Kodaly music lessons were incredible, the parent education was excellent (Alison Reese and other great speakers), and the field trips were great. The kindness and respect shown to the children, and families, of Gonzales has rightly set expectations high for future education.  ~Elina H.

“My daughter loved her two years at Gonzales. There were so many activities for her to enjoy – dressing up, creating art, music, and making new friends. She loved exploring the natural outdoor play space too. Gonzales fostered a wonderful sense of community, we really got to know the other families.”   ~Sarah

“We can’t speak highly enough of our son’s 18 months at Gonzales Preschool. Angela and Julie make an awesome team, providing a wonderful first experience of school for the whole family. Their quiet authority, respect and compassion lead by example, gently helping the children become part of the group, and the classroom and outdoor space are always meticulously planned to create a safe, fun and stimulating environment in which the children can explore, experiment and develop at their own pace. And duty days are a great way to sneak a peek at your child’s new world, whilst building his/her sense of security in the school setting.”   ~Claire

“Thanks Angela for all your wonderful work with our son. He thinks the world of you and Julie, and its been through your careful and kind guidance that our little guy has learned to grow into some new experiences and abilities. He has so much energy, and it was very thoughtful how you made room for this and helped him to work through it by running with him up and down the ramp (and around the block !)  when that was needed. He will miss you all next year but he leaves Gonzales a better rounded, social, happy, and car-obsessed little boy.”  ~Darcy and Holly