September 2020

-Our preschool days are purposely planned to be consecutive for each group (Three’s Class-Monday & Tuesday, Four’s Class- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), allowing our staff and parents the opportunity to clean in-between classes.

Back to School: 3’s class Sept 14 & 15, 4’s class Sept 16, 17 & 18.

Covid19 Practices
Our goal is to ensure highest health standards.
⦁ We’ll start our day outside and spend more than half our preschool time outside including eating and circle-time. When we go inside, we will ensure good ventilation.
⦁ We’ll wash our hands more often and longer, approx. 20 seconds-using songs like “twinkle, twinkle little star” to extend our time.
⦁ Cleaning of the preschool will occur more often, especially frequently used areas.
⦁ No one is to enter preschool with any illness symptoms and will wait to be symptom-clear for at least 48 hours.
⦁ Educators will not command that the preschoolers practice two-metre distancing, however we will encourage minimizing contact and arms-length play.
⦁ Educators will use best practices to comfort and care for the children.
⦁ Adults, including staff, will do their best to maintain two-metre distancing from each other.
⦁ We will have a modified open-door policy in order to support both Covid19 protocols and preschoolers- caregivers are welcome!
⦁ Our preschool is a licensed facility and as such is required to adhere to Van Island Health Authority (VIHA) rules and recommendations for best practices- we have many health and safety rules that we follow to ensure low risk.