Three’s Class

A gentle introduction to learning the routines of school and enjoying the wonder with other children in a nurturing and caring environment. We cap our 3’s program at 16 children, or on the discretion of our educators.

Typical Day:

9:00am to 11:30am, Monday & Tuesday

Outside: welcome, play, activities, art
Clean-up: handwashing & washroom,
Circle: eating time & circle time
Inside: play, activities, art
Closure circle: group activity & good-bye

Fees 2021/2022 School Year:

3’s class Full Participation – $152  

3’s class Limited Participation – $189 (limited to 4 families, read more about participation options and duties here)

Annual non-refundable registration fee per child: $105

Please contact us if your family needs to apply for a subsidy to relieve financial hardship regarding the increase. This will be confidential and we want to hear from you please.

Fees include:

Four field trips/in-class guests (typically Tuesdays), plus neighborhood walks.

Discount on registration to the Making Tomorrow Conference.

Gonzales Preschool red t-shirt for each student.

Membership to Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA).


We provide a child-centered day: more engaged playtime and less transitions. September is a month of gradual entry. This means in order to help children ease into our preschool day, and gradually transition from home, we begin with shorter preschool sessions but within two weeks we are into full length classes. We are an allergy-aware school and epi-pen trained.

* Please refer to your registration package or speak to the enrollment coordinator for up-to-date schedule of fees and session dates.