Back to School for June 2020

We are excited to be back to school for June. It will be wonderful to see friends and teachers and have some outside time to play and explore. Things will look a little bit different, please see our pandemic protocol that will be in place for June 2020.

Pandemic Protocol
We aim to work with children at Gonzales Preschool maintaining the LOWEST RISK Possible. These are things we know that the Covid-19 virus does not like:
Children. Unlike most viruses, it doesn’t like to latch onto preschoolers.
– Outside environment.We will base our sessions in our outdoor areas. Our sandbox,           grassy areas and parking lot will be our primary play spaces. However we will go inside when necessary and to use the washrooms.
 -Low numbers and spread out density. We will max our Four’s Class at 12 children and our Three’s Class at 10 children per session which will allow for a natural spacing out. We will not command children to distance while playing however we will encourage arms-length. If an area is popular, we will invite children to investigate other projects and spread them out in a relaxed manner. We will focus on using friendly cues to support them to minimize physical contact. Children will be distanced for eating, circle and art times (seats will be placed by the teachers and children must not move them).
 -Limited number of adults– We will have two teachers per session. Parents will be asked to drop their children off outside the gates and not gather. Teachers will minimize physical contact with children, specifically face to face exposure.
  -Frequent Handwashing. We will set-up two handwashing stations outside with waterjug, soap, papertowels and catch basin. We will ensure handwashing happens more frequently and for at least 20 seconds (arrival, snack, washroom, touching face, after sneezing or coughing and transition times as well). If handwashing isn’t available, we will provide hand sanitizer.
   -Items that can be cleaned easily. We will use mostly hard surfaces and only soft surfaces that can be laundered. As well each class will have their own bin of toys (no sharing between classes). When possible we will choose art supplies that:
can be disposed after use (such as popsicle sticks and cotton swabs); or only used by one child and then cleaned.
     -Disinfectant. We have an approved anti-virus cleaning spray Benefect that will be used on high frequency areas and the washroom. It is a spray and walk away system so there will be no need to wipe down surfaces.

What families can do to support our preschool:
-Follow illness request: We ask that if your child or family members (living in the same house) show anysigns of illness (fever, cough, sniffles, gastrointestinal…), stay home for 10 days. Allergies are an exception, please discuss with a teacher.
-Follow drop-off/pick-up procedure: Each class will be divided into two groups for drop-off and pick-up, 15 minutes apart. Please meet at the Labyrinth to drop-off your child and meet at Eastdowne Rd gate for pick-up at your specified time. Teachers will be responsible for the sign-in and sign-out of each child.

Class Schedules: 3’s Class Tuesdays 9-10:45/9:15-11; 4’s Class Wednesdays 9-11:45/9:15-12