Thursday Parent Meeting April 11th: Colleen Adrian- Nurturing Self-Esteem and Confidence, Quieting the Inner Critic

Gonzales Preschool is excited to have Colleen Adrian present at our Parent Education evening this Thursday April 11th at 7pm. Business meeting to follow at 8:30pm.

We all want our children to have healthy self-esteem. And it can be heart-breaking to see your once-sparkly-eyed child begin to show signs that her confidence is faltering when they:

  • self-criticizes (e.g., “I’m terrible at skating”, “I’m stupid”),
  • becomes easily discouraged,
  • feels defeated before even trying (“I’ll never be able to do that”),
  • is reluctant to try new activities, or
  • easily becomes anxious.

This presentation focuses on regular parenting practices that you can use to nurture self-esteem and self-confidence in your child, and calm the Inner Critic.

Colleen Adrian, author, educator and retired nurse has spent many years exploring health, and researching and writing about connected parenting. She draws on her observations, and current research in neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and the 8 shields model to create fresh new perspectives. She shares her understandings in her blogs, at speaking events, and in her book, Freeing Your Child from Self-Criticism and Perfectionism.