Thursday Parent Meeting: World issues-How to talk about class, poverty, and homelessness with our kids in a way that feels honest?

Parent meeting is this Thursday January 10th at 7pm parent education, 8pm business meeting.

Our world is full of huge challenges that adults seem unable to “fix” or mend–climate change, economic inequality, racism and sexism, etc. For us parents, it is hard to know how to talk about the issues in our world that we want them to understand. During this parent ed session we will explore together how to talk about class, poverty, and homelessness. How do we talk with our kids in a way that feels honest but not scary? How do we maintain a sense of the humanity and complexity of the lives of those living on the margins?

Gonzales Preschool is excited to have Rev. Shana Lynngood at our parent ed meeting. Rev. Shana Lynngood has served as Co-Minister of First Unitarian Church of Victoria (with her wife Melora) for the past 8 years. She is a parent of a 12 year old daughter and 6 year old son and prior to ministry was a daycare provider for several years. When not immersed in all things related to work or family–and when is that?–Shana is a jazz aficionado, poetry enthusiast, and finds deep meaning in all things art history
We look forward to exploring these challenging topics with her as we welcome in 2019!