Photo Day – Postponed to Thursday, April 20th

Update: Due to weather, Photo Day has been postponed to Thursday April 20th.

There will be a class photo and then each child will get individual photos. There is an opportunity for siblings to get in on the action too if you’d like. The timing for the photos is 9:30-10:30, 3’s Class and 1-2:00, 4’s Class. It’s best if siblings come towards the end of the hour (or you can come during the other classes’ hour if that works better for nap time). Mike is a fabulous photographer and always surprises parents with the smiles he gets. This is a bit of a different day and we need a helper for that hour for the Four’s Class. You can bring a younger child in and you don’t need to be an official duty parent. Please let me know ASAP if you can help with this important task! Thank you Danika for offering to help in the Three’s Class. FYI, I don’t put paint or anything too “messy” out on this day so outfits hopefully stay clean. There will be a retake day for absent children.

Pricing/package information is on the envelope in your family mailbox so please check that out ASAP. As well: this is further pricing information from Mike:

1 – Digital file: I charge $25 for the digital file of the child only.  The digital file is a high resolution file from which you can print any size you want.  Note:  I do not sell digital files of the class photo since it contains other people’s kids, and they may not want a digital file floating around.  The printed class photo would be an additional $16.

2 – Sibling packages: The pricing for the sibling package is the same as for the standard packages, with the sibling photo being provided in place of a second class photo.

3 – I’m open to accommodate almost any option, parents just have to ask.  They can either email me or make notes on the order envelope 🙂