Important Dates

Four’s Class October Dates

  • Thursday, October 27th: Pumpkin Carving and Costume Day: 12:30pm one adult per child please! (see details below)
  • Monday, October 31st: Orange Day

Here is some info for next week at Preschool:

On Wednesday, we started a Magic Pumpkin Patch at Preschool. We made a potion of pumpkin seeds, growing glitter with a magic spell then spread them out front in the church lawn.  We will check back with the magic patch on Monday at 10:00 am (exactly 5 days from when we planted). We hope there will be a field of pumpkins on the grass where we spread our magic seeds!  Help! In order to do this I will need 1 parent to take pumpkins from my trunk and place them on the grass field by the parking lot between 9:40 and 9:50 am this Monday. Each child will get a pumpkin that stays at the preschool for our Carving & Costume Celebration for Halloween12:30 pm Thursday, parents are invited into our classroom to carve a pumpkin with your child. Please make sure you have a knife for carving and a scoop (the carving kits work well). We will have a couple of songs to present to you after the carving. If you cannot be there, grandparents, nannies etc. are very welcome to come and join us in your stead. Please let me know if there will be no-one there for your child and we will arrange for someone to help him/her.  Children are encouraged to dress-up in Halloween costumes (adults too if you wish)! We will enjoy a “festive” time together. The festivities will take approximately 30 minutes at which time the children will go outside to play and say good-bye to their grown-ups until regular pick-up time!

 Orange Day: Children will be encouraged to come to school dressed in the colour orange on Monday October 31st!

Please no Halloween Treats: Please do not send any Halloween candy to school with your child either before or after Halloween. Also please do not send any Halloween treats, cookies etc. to share with the class. One of our Halloween traditions at school has been to Trick or Treat the birds and squirrels in our playground. As children get so much at Halloween, we will give back to our animal friends by sharing some birdseed in the playground for them.

A reminder of this event: Halloween Fun at Heritage Acres: All ages family fun, ride the Halloween Pumpkin Express Train plus Halloween Activities. $7 a carload for entrance fee. 4:30-8:30pm Friday-Sunday Oct 21-23.